Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Its very hard to say sorry when we make the wrong things....Sometimes,although a silly things can make us argument with our friends..At that time we always think to win and think that we are at the right side..

We doesn't think about others feeling..Sometimes it can make our friendship end...After we cool a little bit,we will start to feel and analyze that and argument is wasn't to important..But it is not easy to say SORRY,right....

Sometimes it is too late to realise,but a sincere apologizes can solve it all..Thus to make sure that we win the argument is by said "i am wrong,please forgive me"..I am sure that our friend will forget it all..

So we can get back our percious friendship..Friends.....friendship is a greatest moment in our life....when we meet the best friend that always with us whether in happy or sad that is great friends...So dont let it go...