Thursday, February 12, 2009

Raksi Memories,,,,,,

This is picture of my roomate..diana,izzah and noor..this picture is taken at sk batu tiga during raksi..Actually,my roomate also like me,not talkative..:)

We look a little bit cute with this clothes...hehehehe...And i don't know why my hand be like that..look like a kangaroo...hahaha..anyway smile...

Of course i enjoy during this time,playing with kids and also can release my stress laughing with them...some of them quite funny and naughty..

And that make it easier to me because some of the kids had already know me..this because some of them my neighbours and my younger brother friends..So,i can handel them easily and quite comfortable with the situation...hehehehe...

Anyway,enjoy yourself in whatever you do and smile..........;}