Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chewing gum??bad or good...

There are too many fact about chewing gum.Some said bad for brain and some said ood for our health.

So,i really want to know about it.And i have found about this article and i would like to share with you all about benefit of chewing gum for our brain and health..

Many people do not know that chewing gum may revolution up short and long term memory as much 35 percent.

By eat chewing gum heart rate will increase to the five to six beats per minutes which is boosted blood flow to the brain cells.

When much blood are flow to the brain that's means fuel for brain will be more powerful.

Besides that,chewing gum may also stimulate insulin production by allowing barin cells to absorb more blood sugar.

So,for those like to take chewing gum,it is a good news for you.So enjoy it...